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About Accents

Accents is a not-for-profit association created in 2007 by parents in the town of Civray, Vienne (86400) in the beautiful Poitou-Charentes region. The aim of the association is to develop and maintain the level of English amongst both the local Anglophone (English speaking) and Francophone (French speaking) population. To read more about the team behind Accents, visit the About Us page.


Why Accents? 

As parents, we have moved to France to give our children a better childhood and to enhance their future by becoming bilingual. But, to make the most of the opportunities they will have as they grow up, we need to ensure that they continue to develop their English alongside their French.


Not only do they need to be able to speak English, but to read, write and comprehend it to the same level as their peers in the UK. Losing their English ability makes it much harder for them to return to the UK to study or work in an international arena at a later date. The ability to complete application forms or simple questionnaires will be a fundamental requirement for many as they start out along their chosen study path or career.


We're not teachers ourselves, but we soon realised that in order to develop our children's English we needed to provide a fun and friendly learning environment as well as to employ experienced, qualified, professional teachers - this is why Accents was born.


Also we believe that, as English speakers, we have a unique skill that we can use to the benefit of local children learning English at school which will help them in their future careers. Using volunteers, we offer support to local schools and students learning English, giving back to the community within which we have chosen to live.


What does Accents do? 

Accents is a not-for-profit association under Loi 1901 whose objectives are:

  • To maintain the level of English amongst the growing population of Anglophone school age children in the region.
  • To support the learning of English by non-Anglophone students (pre-school, school and adult).
  • To provide a platform for the development of multilingual activities embracing all nationalities.
  • To provide support to all members of multilingual families including the parents of bilingual children.



Founder: Kathryn Dobson 2017


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