Accents Asso
Accents Asso


Accents run English conversation classes during term time.


The aim of the classes is to help French children improve their English

conversational skills.


Timings – 2.55pm to 3.40pm & 3.40pm to 4.25pm.


Location - Jeanne d’Arc College – Civray 86400. 


We are looking for volunteers, who can commit to 45 minutes a week or more if

you have the time. 


We are also looking for volunteers who can not commit every week, but would

be prepared to be a reserve volunteer.


You do not have to speak fluent French to be a volunteer and sessions are very informal.


For further information, please call 06 19 15 04 02

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How to contact us:

Téléphone : 06 19 15 04 02

email :