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AGM - 20th June

World Book day - 25th April 2018

Performing Arts Workshop - 11th April 2018

Steve Way - 31st January 2018

Summer English workshops - 19th & 26th July 2017

Picnic Civray camping ground - 14th June

AGM 15th May 2017

Easter cup cake decorating - 9th April Tante Mabel

Steve Way - 5th April 2017

  Steve Way - Innovative author - 25th January 2017

Summer English club - various events - July 2016

AGM - 15th June2016

Race Night - Saturday 28th May 2016

Xmas Cupcake Decorating - 20th December 2015

Summer English Club - various workshops - July 2015

Race Night - Saturday 4th July 2015 - Champnies Bar


World Book Day Wednesday 18th March 2015

Many thanks to everyone for their participation in our World Book Day Event.  It was a great success!  We had fun talking about our favourite story characters and our favourite books.  It was lovely to see so many costumes and to guess who we were all dressed up as.      


In addition to this and thanks to those who took part in our Sponsored Read during the  holidays, we managed to raise 100€ to purchase new books for our classroom.           


We are grateful to Slyvia Benterman, our local Usborne representative for coming down with her wonderful display of books for sale. The children really enjoyed spending the money and choosing the books for our class library.      


Same time, same place for World Book Day 2016!


Easter pony ride and Easter egg hunt - 12th April 2015

World Book Day - 18th March 2015

Halloween pony ride - 19th October 2014

Family Funday - Sunday 14th September 2014

Picnic in the Park - Wednesday 18th June 2014

Open day - Wednesday 4th June 2014

Taster day - Wednesday 28th May 2014

AGM - Monday 12th May 2014

Story telling day 16th April 2014

Pancake Celebrations 26th February 2014

Pere Noel Pony Ride 15th December 2013

Poppy Appeal - November - Accents raised 47€

Family Funday 7th July 2013

AGM 23rd May 2013

Your Bilingual Child's Literacy Skills (presented by Emma Lee) 11th March 2013

Creative English Literacy Workshop 20th February 2013

Inspire to Write Workshop with David Mason 9th September 2012

AGM- Friday 31st August 2012

Family Fun Day 30th June 2012

Open Day 18th April 2012


Inspire to Write 

What a successful afternoon! Many thanks to all who came down to see poetry & story telling in action by David Mason and dinosaur impersonations by Helen Mason & Poppy! Many thanks to the Masons & to all who supported Accents & Inspire to Write in this joint venture. Thank you to Ian & Jeanne for the loan of their room. We hope to be able to do it again next year!


'A Handful of Happiness' was one of the poetry books we were able to buy yesterday at the event with the proceeds raised from the admission fee. We'll be using it in our lessons to create our own wonderful poetry!


We also purchased 'Smile' with the money raised. In addition we were given a free CD of childrens songs including the 'Do the Dinosaurus' song which the children loved!

Further information can be found on David's website :




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