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August 2017

A huge congratulations to our first students Daniel & Emily Brown to take and pass this exam.  We are extremely proud of you both.



Why IGCSE English language?


The International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) is one of the most recognised qualifications in the world. IGCSE courses are renowned for developing vital educational skills, including recall of knowledge, oral skills, problem solving, initiative, team work and investigative skills.


Supporting your child's Brevet and Baccalauréat studies with additional GCSE's and/or A levels will enhance any application for further education and university places anywhere in the world.


The IGCSE English Language qualification is extremely helpful for your child when choosing a Lycee, considering an International Baccalaureat and generally in terms of their future studies, either in the UK or here in France, providing fluency and commitment to universities and employers.


The IGCSE English Language qualification is exam based, which means it is not a certified course but a test of an individual’s knowledge of the subject.  However, study programmes such as modules and assignments are designed to help students work towards achieving this exam.  Student’s assignments are continually assessed and marked throughout the study programme.


The IGCSE English Language study programme is designed to follow the structure of Edexcel specification 4EA0.


What are the aims?


·         Enhance verbal and written communication skills

·         To be able to understand a variety of written texts for different audiences

·         To be able to communicate in writing with more clarity

·         Achieve more confidence with grammer and structure

·         Improve written skills to be able to advise, persuade, analyse or entertain an audience



What is included in the fees?


·         Class based sessions during term time (30 classes per annum)

·         All course materials including text books

·         All preparation of modules

·         All modules marked by the teaching staff

·         Teaching staff available for advice – face to face


How long is the study programme?


The IGCSE English Language programme is a two year period of study.


Are there any additional fees?


Yes, at the end of the course there is a charge for the exam entrance.  As the nearest exam centre at the moment is St Colomb de Lauzun, car share could be an option for parents.


Are the cost of resources and materials additional?


No, all materials and text books are included in the cost.


Is there a deposit to pay?


Yes, there is a deposit of 20€ per child for the text books provided.  This is refundable on return of all books.


What is the cost of fees?


Fees for the IGCSE English Language with Accents are 10 monthly payments of 49,50€, per annum.


Is there a minimum criteria for registering for the IGCSE English Language course?


Yes, your child should have completed KS3 English or at least be at that level in written and spoken English. If you are not sure of your child's level of English, a meeting with our class teacher can be arranged & a brief informal assessment to determine ability.


What does the exam consist of?


There are two written exam papers for the IGCSE English Language qualification.



What is expected of the student?


·         All modules/assignments to be submitted within the timescale for marking

·         To be present at all class based tuition during the holidays


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