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    KEY STAGE 3 (KS3)

Key Stage 3


Reading Comprehension:


The aim is to develop the student’s understanding and responses to different texts, as well as the development of research skills for the purpose of study. Students are taught to:

  • Express an opinion about a range of texts.
  • Demonstrate an ability to refer to the text to support their views.
  • Make inferences, draw conclusions and predict from information given.
  • Recognise whether subject matter is fact or opinion.
  • Discuss story line, characters and plot.
  • Be aware of different authors’ writing styles.
  • Develop research skills.




Emphasis is placed on the ability to write for different purposes and audiences. Students are taught to:

  • Use a variety of writing styles in different contexts.
  • Plan, revise and redraft writing.
  • Use a wide variety of language devices.
  • Develop higher level vocabulary.
  • Demonstrate how to use PE (Point & Evidence).
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